Italy’s ground-breaker metal band ELYNE formed in 2013 and were quick off the bat to hit the road. Fast forward from their powerful breakout, having played shows in Europe, UK and Russia, the band has shared stages with Architects, Being As An Ocean, Of Mice & Men to name a few!

Rolling up the flag of the Italian art and history with their unique imagery in 2020 the band released their most authentic album “Art Of Being Human” characterized by their personal vision of the world and human beings, the album debuted at Number 6 on the iTunes Metal Chart and have already amassed over 3 Million streams. Their highly-energetic live shows paired with their unique sound has seen them team up with Massive Music alongside such names as Vader, Marduk.

In 2021 the band signed a worldwide distribution deal with Believe Music (Nuclear Blast, Sharptone Records) and they will perform at the Impericon Festival 2022 with As I Lay Dying.

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